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This page is a ramble about different things that make up my little world. ;)

Part 1
Winter 2001

I have lived in Charlotte, NC for the past ten years. The city is a young, growing and beautiful. The college I attend part time, Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), is located around the uptown area so every day I get to look up at the handful of tall towers against the (normally) blue sky. The sky is part of the reason why I love Charlotte. (We have very few rainy days.) I love the sky! Its so blue and clear, and I am often seen gazing up at it as I walk. Something about the sky, clouds, stars, and moon fill me with wonder.

Anyway - as I was saying I go to CPCC. This was my first semester there after being homeschooled K-12 (technically I am still in 12th). :D Apart from a few unpleasant occurrences, I liked it a lot and am looking forward to next semester. My current plan is to major in interior design...but God is welcome to change my plans. ;) Interior design is an area that has always interested me, and I think that if I were to end up getting a degree in it but having a family it's something I can use in my own home.

Church involvement is a main part of my life. All of my friends are from the church...I even work at the church office!! Maybe I live a sheltered life, but really, I am glad. :) I don't think I am missing out on anything. And I plan to raise my kids in the same environment. The church I am a part of is CrossWay Community Church. My family and about 30 other people moved from the DC area to begin it in the fall of '91. Sense then we have grown to about 500 members and are building a facility that is scheduled to finish in June. Yay!! I have *never* be part of a church that had its own "church building" so I think it'll be pretty cool. :D CrossWay is part of a larger group of churches called PDI Ministries of which my Dad is part of the leadership team. He is also the senior pastor at our church.

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