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Some of my favorite links are:

This is a website featuring several devotionals:

Daily Devotionals

When life gets rough I head here for encouragement:

The Father's Love Letter

Here's a link to an online Bible:

NIV Bible

This fun site features dozens of polls on all subjects:

A description of my supposed Introverted-iNtuitive-Feeling-Judging personality:

INFJ Description

Here's a link to Rush Limbaugh's site (hehe):

Rush Limbaugh

When you're feeling ugly the info headquarters for vanity:

IVilliage Beauty

For the latest triumphs of Jeff Gordan:

Sport's Illustrated NASCAR

See if a book is available at PACML before making a trip to the library:

Mecklenburg Library

My Favorite...

Movie: A&E's Pride & Predjudice

Song 1: This Road, by Ginny Owens
Song 2: It's Alright, by Third Day

Solo artist: Ginny Owens, Jaci Valesquez, Rachel Lampa

Group artist: Third Day

Color: blue (I bet you couldn't tell!)

Starbuck's drink: iced chai latte

Flower: gerbera daisy