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List of Entries


List of Entries

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November '02

Cultivating passion for God.

Pausing website updates.

October '02

(Top starts with end of October.)

New decisions.

Courtship continues. :-D

Seth & I are courting!!!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-14

September '02

(Top starts with end of September.)

God lifts me up.

Purposing to consider my ways.

I want to be a wife that does good.


(Top starts with end of August.)

Full swing into school.

Back to school!

Faith, Prayer, and the Impossible

Simple gifts from God.

Good and faithful Creator.


(Top starts with end of July.)

I'm home again.

Story of God's kindness.

Watching the sun set.

Joy comes in the morning.

God gives more grace.

I am a vessel of grace.

Life is fascinating.

Lessons from Ruth.

Back from Celebration.

Leaving for Celebration.


(Top starts with end of June.)

I am so undeserving.

Oh me oh my.

Eyes upon the goal.

Be still, my soul.

A day of suspense.

A song of joy.

Do women have it hard?

I need God's help!

On human precepts and regulations.

Limiting God with our human understanding.

The importance of God-given wisdom.

The freedom to press on in sanctification.

The Lord's patience towards us.

June has arrived.


(Top starts with end of May.)

Trying to figure out some doctrine.

The Lord restores my confidence.

I need purposeful planning.

I'm feeling a little woozy!

What we did on vacation.

Returning from vacation.

Leaving for vacation.

All things for good.

Filled by the Lord.


(Top starts with end of April.)

The essence of biblical submission.

Grace, grace, and more grace!

God's gracious ways.

When God says "stand firm."

Some random comments.

Forgetful Israel.

Death brings new life.

A day at CP.

I'm heartsick.

Dissing arranged marriages.

God healing me from migraines.

Seeking our daily bread.


(Top starts with end of March.)

Realizing our desperation.

Tomorrow is alright!

A dream about spiritual battles.

Carried by his grace.

Striving for fustration?


(Top starts with end of February.)

God captures our tears in a bottle.

Souls attuned to the Spirit (Luke 1-5).

My sinfulness and marriage.

A new month begins happily.


(Top starts with the end of January.)

God's faithfulness to answer my cry.

Contentment in my season.

Those who long for righteousness will be satisfied.

God's love holds a great end for us.

God plans the best future for us.

An optimistic look at the coming year.


(Top starts with the end of December.)

Becoming a woman of virtue, pt 3 - diligence.

Becoming a woman of virtue, pt 2 - dependability.

Becoming a woman of virtue, pt 1.

Some scriptures on kindness.

Hope despite darkness.

The greatest loss of all is faith.

When thinking is dangerous.

Leaving everything in God's hands.

A poem about singing through pain.

Genuine friendships are God's gifts.

God promises to bless us when we obey.

Grace in the waiting.

The balance of dependance and discipline.

Joy in God's will.

Where are the "warm fuzzies"?!

God's grace in light of our sinfulness.

Focusing the the positives.

November '01

(Top starts with the end of November.)

An answered prayer.

Your prayers, please.

Viewing correction as from God.

Awe-provoking theology.

A heart set free following God's commands.

The perfect situation for growth.

The Lord withholds nothing good.

More beautiful after the rain.

God works behind the scenes.

Take some time to gaze upwards.

Faith is the basis for confidence.


Time is a friend.

The challenges of being "blessed".

Thanks and praise to God on Thanksgiving Day.

Surving the tidal wave of emotions; turning weakness to power.

A poem by George Matheson; our future hope.

A spiritual harvest; quietness in God.

Being rotten inside; a ramble on hobbies.

Seeing God's loving hand in refining fire; making the most of unpleasent circumstances.

Struggling with persistant areas of sin; finding joy in affliction.


Cultivating passion for God.

My Testimony
(temporarily unavailable)

A story of God's grace in my life as I look back over the past two years.

On Hope

A compilation of scripture passages on hope.