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Carolyn's Photos
Vacation '02

May 9-15 my family spent on vacation in Franklin, West Virgina. If you would like to read about some of what we did, go to my reflection entry. Enjoy the pictures...

Family Picture
May 2002
We stopped along the highway to take a picture overlooking Germany Valley. Its a gorgeous view!

Kids Picture
May 2002
This picture was taken near Seneca rocks.

Mom's Tiny Fishie
May 2002
This was the first catch of the day. Mom caught some bigger ones later, but I wasn't around. :-/

May 2002
Although we didn't fish (no license) my dear friend, Bethany, and I had a great time being together!

Scary Spider
May 2002
A common site in WV. :-(

Seneca Caverns
May 2002
This picture was taken inside Seneca Caverns.

Cave Family
May 2002
A family picture taken inside Seneca Caverns.

Cave Girls
May 2002
Our hoods came in handy!

Hope you enjoyed these photos!